Ponce Services, Inc.

Keeping Houston, TX, Beautiful for More Than 30 years

Family owned and operated, Ponce Services, Inc. has provided quality tree management and demolition services to Houston, TX, for more than three decades. With unparalleled attention to detail, Ponce Services, Inc. offers tree management services, including removal, trimming/pruning, transplant and even deep root feeding. We also provide demolition and land clearing services, including pool removal, complete with waste haul-off. Focusing on the needs of our customers, we offer competitive pricing and strive to provide the best service possible to make sure you're happy with the end result.

Treat Your Trees to The Best in Town

Tree Removal, Trimming & Transplant | Houston, TX

While there's no doubt it's a tough job, tree removal and trimming is also a delicate process, requiring expert attention to detail and focus to ensure the safety of all involved – including the tree. Without proper training, an attempted tree removal can quickly escalate into a much larger and more expensive job. At Ponce Service, Inc., we are trained in tree removal, trimming and transplants, ensuring your trees and your home stay safe while we're on the job. With multiple crews, each equipped with modern trucks and equipment, Ponce Services, Inc. is prepared to complete your tree removal or pruning in a timely manner and with true professionalism.

Demolition Services Done Right

Land Clearing and Pool Removal | Houston, TX

When you need demolition done on your commercial or residential property, you want to make sure the contractor you hire is both skilled and knowledgeable in proper demolition practices. With over six years in the demolition business, Ponce Services, Inc. has acquired the skills needed to make your demolition, land clearing, or pool removal less of a headache while completing the job in a timely manner. With multiple crews, each with properly trained staff, Ponce Services, Inc. completes your job on time. We even provide waste removal services after the job is done.

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Complete Tree Services

- Removal
- Trimming/pruning
- Topping (crowning)
- Stump grinding
- Stump removal
- Emergency tree service

Complete Demolition Services

- Commercial & residential
- Land clearing
- Pool removal
- Waste haul-off